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Bucket list for a child under 24 months old

Posted by tarastoyland on 22 March, 2015 at 9:20

originally written April 2012

Below is my bucket list for a child under 24 months old. This was written out to the parents of Avery who had a terminal genetic disease and didn't  live to her second birthday. They were asking for a bucket list of things for her to do while she is still alive. Lots of the things on the list were not aimed to an infant and toddler. Yes we may like to go white water rafting some day, but not when you are under 2 yrs old. So, I created a list for her that is more realistic and that SHE will enjoy.



*pet a cat, dog, horse, goat, hamster, bird, rabbit and as many other animals as you can

*splash in a puddle, a pond, a stream and a lake

*play in the rain, feel a nice warm rain on your face

*listen to the wind as you lay under a tree and watch the leaves

*paint with your hands and feet

*watch a sun rise in the morning, the sun set at night and the moon rise (a full moon)

*see the stars from somewhere there are no lights so you really SEE them

*collect worms

*watch a butterfly flutter, see if one can land on your hand

*pet a stingray, and a dolphin

*catch snowflakes on your tongue, make snow angels

*play in a ball pit

*color with a crayon, a marker, a pen, and a pencil

*eat chocolate, drink hot chocolate and eat as many foods as you can in that time period. ((If I knew I only had a few years to live I would try to not eat the same food twice. May not be possible for her though))

*listen to as many kinds of music as you can, classical, rock, raggea, jazz, African, etc.

*hear each instrument as an individual sound, then all together as a symphony

I work with children under 2 yrs old a lot, and as many of the 5 senses as you can stimulate the better experience they will have. So my list is geared towards what I wish every child under 2 gets to do.


Categories: Day Care, Philosophies, Preschool