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Covid illness policy- a pile of complications

Posted by tarastoyland on 9 August, 2020 at 0:40

Letter to Parents from July 12, 2020 --- The illness policy has to be super strict this year. I don't have a choice. The rules I have to follow are to keep all kids and my family safe, and I'm sure they will be a hassle but it's a no win situation. I will be giving each family a Kinsa smart thermometer. It's an ear one. You download an app to your phone and the thermometer uses blue tooth to record the temperature in the app. You can do each person in the house and it will keep track of temps and time taken. Each day before you come in my house you have to send me that daily temp check for everyone in your family. The app lets you do this easily. My current understanding of the rules is that any temperature over 100.4 for anyone in the family will require you to stay home. Additionally any Covid symptom in your child also means you have to stay home as well. Which is basically all symptoms kids have. The rules state that you must be home for 72 hours after the symptoms are gone without medication. If you or your child has been directly exposed to a positive Covid person then you must stay home for 14 days. I don't know if a negative covid test result will allow me to take you back sooner. I am not happy about these rules but have no choice in them, there have been too many times a person has thought it was just allergies or just a cold and it turned out to be a major cluster of illness. And if I get Covid none of you will have daycare for who knows how long. As I said when this started I am in a high risk group for multiple factors. Because this will be potentially lots of lost days of care I want each of you to consider this in your school year plans. If the 14 day exclusion is required I will allow you to pay only 50% for those days. Normally you pay regardless of attendance for sick days of any kind, but again, the minimum you will be home for any illness is 3 days, it's unclear if you get a doctor note saying it was an ear infection if that means you can come back. I don't know what to do. I really just don't. I feel bad taking your money for not caring for your kid, but I also need the money to pay the mortgage and other normal expenses. I am willing to take suggestions on how to handle this and to work it out individually as long as we do so prior to the school year start date. At this time the policy will be that you pay regardless of attendance if you are missing less than 2 wks of care. This is just a pile of complications.


The rules state that any person over the age of 2 has to wear a mask "as tolerated". I have already stated that wearing a mask inside the house for anyone doesn't make sense. For the kids they will take them off when they eat or drink something, so minimum 3 times a day, and they will have them off for nap which is 2 hours in a closed room with no outside ventilation. That two hours would be more than enough for one kid to spread it to the rest. And as far as me, I spend 24 hours a day in this house, if I wear a mask for 8 of those hours there are still 16 hours worth of my germs floating in the air. So, I will have masks to wear, we will practice with them, but they will not be routinely worn.


Another rule is that parents can't enter the daycare, so we will be doing hand offs from the porch as much as possible. There are other new rules but I haven't even looked at all of them yet.


I have asked my license rep for clarifications on if anyone can go to preschool and then return to my house afterwards. My understanding is that is not allowed so I may not be transporting at all this fall, which would make things a tiny bit easier.


I would like to know your intentions for the upcoming school year. I understand things can change but if I can get a general idea of who is going to be here then I can make a budget at least. I wish the government would just allow us all to stay home until a vaccine is distributed because I am worried for our populace. But I need to know what your thoughts are in all of this. I am sure you can see my trepidation in this letter. I will not be enrolling new clients, and if you choose to not come back until a later date your spot here is still yours.

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