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Tara's Toyland Home Daycare

Where Learning is Fun and Friendships Flourish


"I was so fortunate to stumble upon Nora to take care of the most precious thing in my life! She began taking care of my son at 3 months old when I had to go back to work. I was very nervous and reluctant to leave my son with anyone else besides my husband and I because he is our first born child. I did my research and met with Nora and decided she was a good fit! She put me at ease and from the moment I walked in her house I could tell she cared greatly about kids! She has literally devoted the majority of her house to them. Her entire downstairs is a play place with many play options, which she changes around to keep things interesting for the kids. She also takes frequent pictures and even personally emailed me updates and pictures at work throughout the day, which really brightened my day, especially that first week leaving my son. She offered me some great advice as a first time parent and always willingly offered help in anyway with any baby issues that I wasn't sure of as a first time parent. With her help, we were able to get my son, who was having sleep issues, to sleep through the night in a snap!

When my family and I decided to move to FL we were very sad to leave Ms. Nora because our son loved her and was very comfortable there. I know he learned so much from her. We were elated when she offered to come and nanny our son down in FL for spring break to give us some respite and give our son lots of love and attention. To say Nora goes above and beyond for kids is an understatement! I don't know how I would have gotten by without her as a new mommy! She is a very funny and kid-minded woman with amazing creativity. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great care and experience for their children!" The Sinclair Family

Nora Parkman cared for my 2-year old son full-time during this last school year. From the beginning, Nora has gone out of her way to accommodate our needs and make our son feel as comfortable as possible. Before his full day, we were able to bring him to play for a few days. On those first full days, she even sometimes called a few minutes after I left to assure me that he had stopped crying. When I was ready to begin potty training, Nora not only supported me, she took on an active role in training my son. The children often play outside, read many books throughout the day, and have so much fun with their peers. My son doesn't want to come home with me at the end of the day! We are so lucky to have Miss Nora! The Villegas Family (who have since had their daughter who is now in kindergarten and their now 2 year old son here)

"My daughter had never been to a daycare before she came to Tara's Toyland. she had always been watched at her house by her aunt and myself. She had a rough time the first week adjusting to the rules and schedule. Nora was very patient with her and helped her learn the rules. After that she did great. She knows when they have snack, lunch, nap time, and everything in between. When we are running late my daughter worries about missing her lessons. She calls it school like where her older brother goes. It's difficult to get her to leave daycare. She has so much fun there and has wonderful friends.

Nora Parkman is an excellent daycare provider. My daughter loves her. She learns so much while she is there. Nora helped her with potty training. She is now 3 and knows her numbers, shapes, colors, and even most of her alphabet sounds and can recognize them. They have class daily and do art projects everyday. Nora love her daycare kids and parents. She celebrates their birthdays and never forgets the major holidays. The kids always make something for their parents for Christmas and Mother's & Father's Day. She is very caring and understanding. The kids play outside daily if the weather permits. They will even play in the snow and the rain (if they have their rain gear). Nora will even take them on periodic field trips depending on how many kids she has that day. The kids love it and will talk about the field trip for days afterwards. I never have any fear of her taking my daughter anywhere.

Nora has 2 older girls. They have been helping out and playing with the daycare kids since they were little. In fact, both of them have babysat my daughter before at my house. They are very trustworthy and responsible girls. Nora did a great job of raising them. If she can do that well with her girls, I have no doubt that my daughter is in excellent hands.

Please call Nora to set up an interview and check out her daycare. I know that your child will be as happy their as mine is there." The Lane Family

The following was a note I got from the Peterson family, written to me from their son (age 9 months at the time) "Besides Mom and Dad, you're my favorite person to be around! I love coming here. Everyday is fun!" and another note when they left, "Thank you for being my teacher. I came home every night and told my mom and dad how much I loved you. You made me feel safe, happy, comforted, and loved. You even taught me to share toys, wave and give kisses. I am going to miss you a whole bunch. My mom and dad promise me I get to see you again soon."

"Nora Parkman is a wonderful day care teacher. She has been my son's teacher for 4 months. I am a first time Mother, and Nora has helped me a lot over the past months with a plethora of information. She has been a great resource to help me in dealing with my son's sleeping issues, sicknesses, feeding concerns, etc. She is a very smart person and always willing to help out the parents at her daycare. Nora allows her parents to call day or night to answer any questions you might have about your child. Nora cares a lot about each of her students. You can tell she truly cares about their health, safety, and happiness. Nora is very concerned that all her students’ car seats have been installed properly. Nora is a very friendly person and enjoys informing the parents about their kid’s progress for the day. She gets excited about the kids mile stones and keeps the parents up to date on what lessons she is teaching in the day care. I completely trust Nora with my son. I can tell she enjoys to teach him and watching him grow. "The Peterson Family

This is a note from the Hock family, written to me from their sons (aged 3 1/2 years and 12 months at the time) before summer break, "Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us each and every day. You've helped us to learn our ABC's and 123s, colors, shapes and SO much more. We're learning to be respectful and responsible and safe. Most of all how to have FUN. We love school."

"My family and I are very happy with the care we have gotten from Nora. She makes each one of my girls feel like they are special in their own way. Every time I drop them off, I feel comfortable like I was leaving them with my own family members. I will recommend Nora for Child Care." Jordan Family

"Nora was our daycare provider for 2.5 years, we (parents AND our kids) loved Nora and just as important, Nora loved our kids. They had fun at Nora's, they learned and they grew, both physically and mentally. Her themes are wonderful, her meals were healthy and there was very seldom a day that we didn't come home with some masterpiece to hang on the refrigerator. Nap time is a requirement (a welcomed one), but never a forced issue. The only reason we had to leave was because my new job hours wouldn't work with her schedule." The Ellis Family

"Nora provides good activities and stimulation for children. The art & the projects are great. She truly cares for the children in her care and takes her job very seriously." The Clark Family

 "Both of my children attend Tara's Toyland and have since they were small infants (they are now 5 and 2). Nora goes to great lengths and great care to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children in her care. My boys love attending "school" with Nora. She provides healthy meals, preschool learning lessons, and positive reinforcement. It is without hesitation that I recommend Tara's Toyland. " The Stashak Family (who came back when baby number 3 came in 2015, when the older boys were 11 and 8! On the baby's first day they told their baby brother, "You'll love Miss Nora, she already loves you.")


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